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How it works


Tell us about the brand personality you want, in plain English


Set up your brand kit with your logo, fonts, and colors, or choose new ones with our AI-driven recommendations


View your options of personalized brand assets, ready to build on your favorite platforms. Only buy your favorites

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Don’t sift through 100,000 generic templates

Get the handful you need, built for your brand (from over 400 billion possibilities). Your designs are waiting.

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Parade can provide all the design assets your company needs – no need to hire a designer.

See what companies have made using Parade

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“Over my 25 years of web development, I would be hard-pressed to find a smoother process than Parade. They understood a relatively complex vision after one conversation!”
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Jim Gibbs
Meter Feeder
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“I wanted a pretty unique website that looked like the ‘Alexander McQueen Enterprise Software Fantasy’ of startups. They did it!”
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Ryan Richt
Well Principled
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“Parade was a game-changer for my company! They helped me build a brand identity with a stunning landing page around it. Their attention to detail, thoughtfulness to the brand aesthetic, and speed to deploy was exceptional.”
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Jonah Hanig
Rove Travel,
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“Parade did excellent work creating a modern, beautiful template. At their price I expected some quick generic work but instead I got a thoughtful custom design with great customer service.”
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Cedric Dussud
Activity Schema,

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What if I already have my own branding?
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It's easy to add your own colors, fonts, or logos. You can even mix and match your styles with our AI-based recommendations to fill in any gaps in your existing branding. Answer the few questions about your brand personality to help us create the design aesthetic that's right for you, and then you can use Parade to make whatever collateral you need.

Will my Parade design assets be unique?
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Yes. There are over 400 billion possible designs that we can create.  We've collected tons of data on a wide range of brands to make sure that what we make for you captures the brand identity you want to convey.

What happens if I rebrand my company?
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No worries! Edit the styles in your brand kit or your brand personality at any time, and then you can access your updated collateral.

How does pricing work?
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It's free to set up your brand kit and access your logos, color palette and typography. From there, only pay for what collateral you want to buy based on those styles. There's no subscription.

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