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Featured Parader: Curtis Baker

March 1, 2011

Curtis has been using Parade for his portfolio since 2009. This is how he describes himself and his work:

I am an Atlanta native and I love my city. I like taking a non-traditional approach to my photography and shooting what hasn’t been photographed hundreds of times before. I like to shoot outdoors using natural surroundings where the possibilities are endless. I like to let things happen and do my job documenting. I am very laid back and easy to work with. I like for the subjects to be comfortable and natural looking as possible. Posing too much takes something away from the look that I’m going for. I want to create, so I am always open for ideas while shooting. After all, these photos are for you.

We make Parade for people like Curtis. If you liked what you saw, you can check out more of Curtis’ photography on his portfolio:

Visit Curtis’ Portfolio

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