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Articles from September 2010

Meet Daniel Quaye.

September 20, 2010

Today we’re introducing Daniel, a new addition to Parade’s design templates.

He’s somewhat special in the fact that he is our first full browser template. We’re pretty proud of the guy.

If you have images that are just screaming to be displayed in high detail, think about using Daniel. Each image sings without any other distractions in the browser window; no menu and no titles. It’s all stripped away so that the only thing you see is a big, bright and beautiful picture.

But don’t worry about navigation. It’s really intuitive and easy to use. Directional arrows allow a viewer to scroll quickly between photos. Move your cursor to either the bottom or top of the browser window and you’ll find page navigation and a slick set of thumbnails to quickly jump to a specific image.

Some more things about Daniel: he’s queue loaded, so there’s no time wasted waiting around for images, but you can keep image file sizes for super good quality. He’s also quite stunning on an iPad, so next time you have to take your work with you, don’t hesitate using Daniel.

Here’s the demo for you to click through: demo

If you’re not using Parade and would like to try out this new design for your portfolio, click, you can sign-up and start using it today: sign up now!

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Featured Parader: Eli Dupuis

September 18, 2010

We’re very proud on a personal level to name Eli as this month’s featured photographer. Eli is a talented hobby photographer that just happens to be on staff here at Parade.

We’ll try not to make a practice of using up the featured spot for our own people, but after one of Eli’s images was recently featured in Applied Arts magazine and on, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

We’re pretty amazed that Eli has time to produce photographs of this calibre while nurturing his magician-like web abilities. Multi interest guys like him are the reason why Parade is as great at is.

Congrats Eli!

(Check out Eli’s site at

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