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Hallow's Eve October Contest

October 26, 2010

Getting prepared for Halloween everyone? We know we are.

Those eyes… and to think these dolls were for children!

To help everyone get into the spirit of Halloween, we’re having a Contest for the Creepiest Photography. After the halloween weekend, we’ll look over the submissions and the winner will get a Parade account for a year. A YEAR!

So get out your gear and start snapping something could make a person ill at ease.

Couple pointers:

  • The photo does not have to be blatantly about Halloween. It just has to be creepy.
  • A story with how you got the photo would be helpful/fun.
  • Please don’t over Photoshop. Let your lens speak truth.
  • Since this is going out a little late, we’ll give you till Nov. 7th to get your photo in.

Send us your submission on this site, or just message @paradepro

Don’t forget: Nov. 7th

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