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Articles from March 2010

New User Interface Released

March 15, 2010

It’s been one year since re-launching Parade and, in an effort to keep things fresh and current, we’re hard at work on a brand spankin’ new user interface. The renewed design will help to organize the many features we’ve added over the year and allow us to easily add new ones as they become available.

What this means to you? A shiny new admin panel for your site and some more awesome features to enjoy!

Multi Select

Now we know this one isn’t brand new, but we’ve seriously improved the way it works. You can now select images, galleries and pages like a native finder/explorer window. Use cmd/ctrl to select multiple items by clicking or dragging your cursor.

Modal Windows

We now have a more streamlined way to handle small details quickly. Instead of always going to a new page, a new modal window will appear where you can quickly and simply edit an image or page details.


We’ve also incorporated additional Help features. Your site’s settings panel will be more accessible and user-friendly to help you customize your site’s design, and navigate your custom domains. We will also be updating the Parade Wiki with additional topics to try and limit some frustrations.

IE Supported

We are also proud to announce that we now fully support Internet Explorer for our users. It’s been a bit of a wait, but you can now use Parade with almost every modern browser.

Tutorials and How-To

We’re currently working to integrate a new FAQ and How-To system that will integrate into the new admin. Stay tuned!

In Conclusion

In addition to these significant developments, we’ve also made many tweaks and changes to help simplify and speed up the way you use Parade. We want to thank our users for your support, feedback and suggestions. Make sure to subscribe to our blog and follow us on twitter for more exciting new features!

The Parade Team

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