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Featured Parader: Jeff Seltzer

December 9, 2010

Jeff Seltzer is a photographer based in Los Angeles. He was educated at San Diego State University, receiving a BA and an MA in Rhetorical Theory – a background which informs his art. This is Jeff describing his work:

My formal education is more about science – statistics, experimental design, and rhetorical theory. With statistical analysis, the goal is to sift through numbers and create a story true to the data – a story that can be understood and appreciated by a more general audience. In a similar way, I look through my camera’s viewfinder in attempt to reconcile the everyday “data” that surrounds us.

I find comfort and solace in this otherwise anxiety-producing world by creating a sense of harmony among the seemingly unrelated, mundane data around me. There are so many things I can’t control; but what I can control is what I see through my camera and how I present it to the world through careful framing and composition. My interest is generally not with the subject itself, but with the challenge – almost need – of creating and restoring this sense of order (or harmony).

Jeff’s work has been shown, published and awarded numerous times all over the country. Here are just a few listings:

2010: Vermont Photography Workplace, “Direct Objects: Still Life as Subject”
2010: The Elaine Fleck Gallery, Toronto, “Fine Art Photographers to Know”
2010: M Street Gallery, Los Angeles, Solo Show

2010: Best of Photography Annual, Photographer’s Forum
2010: Wall Done Magazine (online)
2009: Colours Magazine

Awards and Recognition:
Finalist, Photographer’s Forum
Honorable Mention, 4th Annual Int’l Photography Masters Cup
Finalist, Wall Done Magazine

Notable Collections:
Credit Suisse, New York
Fine Arts Building, 6th Floor, Los Angeles
Recess, Glendale

We’re very pleased to have Jeff as one of the talented artists using Parade. We hope you’re inspired by his work.

Visit Jeff’s Portfolio

Some comments...

  • Brilliant. I’ve seen Jeff’s work elsewhere, and admired it as much then as I do now.

    from Taylor on December 12, 2010

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